Since the legend of Tige was born, we have remained consistent to our core values and our independent culture. Today, we’re still the dreamers, the doers, the makers, and we break the rules to give you a vastly superior experience. We live for shattering your expectations of what a boat can be.

If we could laminate passion, we would. Instead, we use fiberglass.


Returning to its legendary lineage, the Z1 is back and ready to deliver on its reputation. With its traditional bow, Tige’s iconic diamond stitching, and a deeper freeboard, the Z1 is designed to give you the Tige performance you expect. The new Z1 packs everything you love about the Z3 into a sleek and nimble 21’ package, without sacrificing on the space you need for a memorable day on the water.

The Z1’s sharp design comes with immense skill – you will be riding ocean-worthy waves, rampy wakes, or flat slalom wakes that round out complete versatility. When you’re ready to GO, so is your Z1. At the push of a button, you can dial in your sport of choice whether it’s wakesurfing, wakeboarding, or skiing.



  • Length: 21.5′ (6.6 m)
  • Boat Beam: 102″ (259 cm)
  • Weight: 4860 lb (2204 kg)
  • Ballast: 3150 lb (1429 kg)
  • Fuel Capacity: 46 gal (174 l)
  • Ballast: 3150 lb (1429 kg)
  • Hull: ConvexV
  • Seating: 14
  • Draft: 29″ (74 cm)
  • Storage: 101.26 ft³ (2.87 m³)